Get Blu Ray and DVD Services

ChromaVision provides Blu Ray and DVD Authoring Services to filmmakers, businesses and advertisers. Our experienced professionals can help with every aspect of creating a Blu Ray or DVD from any video source, including implementing menus, graphics, animations and even copy protection. In addition, Chromavision can provide DVD and Bu Ray copies, copy protected or not, from 1-1,000,000.

DVD Authoring Services

DVDs are still more widely used than Blu Rays, which means many companies and consumers still want their videos in DVD format. When you provide Chromavision with your video and ideas for DVD functionality, we will make sure you get the best compression and design work, or we also implement your designs for the DVD menu(s). We can add multiple subtitle languages and stereo and surround audio. Our DVDs are compatible on just about any device that is capable of playing DVDs, whether PC, Mac or player.

Blu Ray Authoring Services

Blu Ray discs are playing a bigger role in Theatrical and Corporate presentations as well as among consumers. They provide HD picture quality and more functionality than a DVD. We can create a Blu Ray from your High Definition video and provide you with all the special features you require, including language options, menus, graphics and more. When we are done, you will have a professional-quality product that will showcase your video in the best possible light. Whether you are making a Blu Ray for business even or needing to present your film at a Festival let Chromavision's professionals help you.